Raiding guidelines

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Raiding guidelines

Post  Anye on Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:16 am

Here are some basic guidelines for raiding with Ultima!

1. Be respectful!
2. Cooperate with the raid leader. Message him or her privately if you disagree or are uncomfortable with anything and they will try to solve it.
3. Repair beforehand!
4. Bring some reagents Very Happy
5. Mind your language! - There are people who can be easily offended by this.
6. Vent is a must. You will be moved to the appropriate channel upon entry, as you will not be able to do this yourself if you are not a member of our guild.
7. Be patient!
8. Let us know if you need an item beforehand.
9. The answer for question 5 in the raid application is Nimphelolz.
10. Listen carefully!
11. Make sure you have enough availiable time for the raid you have applied to. However, we will provide breaks and we understand that emergencies do happen in real life. You can also request a 5 minute break if necessary.
12. Have fun! >:^D

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